Friendly Survival is a friendly survival with a lot of interesting things like Dimensional Warp(Our own made), Slimefun plugin and it's addons. Griefing/Stealing is not allowed here and you can just have fun without any griefers! Griefers/stealers gets banned permanently. PVP is disabled here.

Now the interesting things!

Levels System Edit

Currently there is only two different levels(level trees? not sure) Mining and Hunting.

Hunting increases chance of doing double damage, nothing much, experience can be gained by killing monsters and max level is 9.

Mining increases chance of double drop and dropping quartz from stone when mining below Y 20, it also unlocks new ores, you can't mine any ores without leveling up mining. Experience can be gained by mining stone and ores(ores gives more experience)

Mining Level Unlocks
Level 1 Coal Ore & Higher special drops chance(quartz, double
Level 2 Iron Ore & Higher special drops chance(quartz, double)
Level 3 Gold Ore & Higher special drops chance(quartz, double)
Level 4 Lapis Lazuli Ore & Higher special drops chance(quartz, double)
Level 5 Diamond Ore & Higher special drops chance(quartz, double)
Level 6 Redstone Ore & Higher special drops chance(quartz, double)
Level 7 Emerald Ore & Higher special drops chance(quartz, double)
Level 8 Higher special drops chance(quartz, double)
Level 9 MAX Higher special drops chance(quartz, double)

Friendly Survival Commands Edit

There is some commands which can be useful for you!

/home set - Sets your home location.

/home - Teleports to your home location.(Only teleports if your home location is in same planet as you, see Dimensional warp below for more information about other planets.)

/tpa <player> - Teleports to a player if that player accepts your request and is within 900 blocks distance in your planet.

/recipes - Shows some recipes of things which you can't craft normally.(Not diamond tools/armor with emeralds recipes.)

/level - Shows level commands.

Special Things Edit

Giants and ghasts spawn naturally in Friendly Survival, ghasts have more health, and giants don't attack here but spawn minions who tries to kill you! Giants drop 2 emeralds(item) when you kill them, emeralds(item) can be used to craft diamond tools and armor just like with diamonds.

You can get sugar canes and cocoa beans by breaking tall grass.

TNT explodes only below y coordinate 31.

You can create bridges by placing a sign with [Bridge] in second line.(Must be close to full bridge out of cobblestone or similar resource)

You can create gates by placing a sign with [Gates] in second line. (Must be close to full gates out of fence)

You can create lifts by placing signs with [Lift Up] in second line and another sign [Lift Down] above [Lift Up] sign.

Dimensional Warp Edit

Dimensional Warp can be crafted by 8 ender pearls and 1 end stone(You can get it by using an existing Dimensional Warp or ask someone who been in The End.) you can also see it's recipe in /recipes. Then you can unlock warp destinations for 8 ender pearls each in it, you can't know which is which so you unlock random one! Other planets can contain resources which Earth doesn't have.

The warp destinations:(There is no normal nether, the end portals, only warp destinations.)

Earth - Unlocked by default

Hoth - Very cold planet, you can die from cold at night here!

Tatooine - Very hot planet, you must drink a lot of water here!

Dagobah - Jungle planet full of poisonous mosquitos!

Mustafar - Nether-like planet full of very dangerous monsters.

The End - Just like The End dimension, with a lot more powerful Golden Dragon! To spawn an Golden Dragon you must kill endermans, it's 0.7% chance to spawn golden dragon after killing enderman. Also this planet resets every server restart.

Slimefun Edit

We use Slimefun plugin and some of it's addons to have the most fun in Minecraft survival! Slimefun adds the Slimefun Guide where you can research really a lot of things! Special armor, special tools, machines and more! Slimefun wiki can be found here[1]